December 5th, 2012


Yes, I still exist

Life is busy. Generic update again!

So where I left things last time, I had been offered a job of project worker in a homelessness project. I've been working there for just over a month now and it is brilliant. It was initially terrifying, because I didn't quite realise how high level some of the work would be - a lot of our residents have incredibly high support needs & are really high risk to themselves and others. Our security has to be really high. Obviously I can't go into detail without breaking confidentiality, but my particular clients are a pretty cool mixed bag of addiction needs, mental health needs, and about 5 people who are a nightmare to get to come to key work, making me work load actually quite light at the moment, and largely consisting of phone calls of "are you ever coming back?" Anyway I have to do cool responsible things like making reports to the police and probation services and writing letters for court and benefits agencies, interspersed with a large amount of talking to people about their problems. It's a very cool job & the time has flown by. I have a sort of review tomorrow of how I'm doing, which I think will get the response of "good" because, well, I am.

Still seeing Sam, and still disgustingly happy. I'm getting a bit sappy about xmas and have put way to much effort into presents for him (it's his birthday on the 23rd as well). We have just a lovely routine of me making dinner when I'm on an early shift, him making it when I'm on a late, playing xbox, watching TV, talking, being generally a bit sickeningly happy with each other. We're hoping to manage to go travelling for a bit next year, though work schedules will make it difficult to go for longer than a couple of weeks, which is a shame. We've had one argument since we've been involved and it was about the thought experiment of "you're on mars and the only way back to earth is a transporter which kills you when it scans you in but reassembles you identically on earth, do you get in?" because I am firmly yes, and he is quite firmly no. On the whole, not too upset if that's all we have to argue about. Anyway blah blah blah this is just me annoying people who aren't in the sparkly stage of a relationship but it's really nice to be involved with someone without any doubts, and with certainty that this is the right person. Obviously we may both change as people and no longer be the right person, but at this time, he is exactly who I want. Which feels damn good.

I'm seeing my family over christmas for about a week, which is a good amount of time to get off in this kind of job. Oh and my graduation ceremony is in January. What else am I doing? Full time work just completely sucks time out of your life, I never appreciated uni while I was there. Oh yeah, Sam & I are in the planning stages of a novel, very nearly at the writing stages. It's awesome but it's sci-fi universe exploration in a faster than light ship (the design for the ship is AMAZING, anti-matter sails) and while we've got all the characters (we dice rolled for ethnicity, gender, place of post-grad study, sexuality, after we'd written their profiles) and plotted the chapter 'events' quite well, the effects on time are driving me crazy. 'Cause it's going to have this staging where by as exposition the crew pick up signals from earth the appropriate number of light years ago - so they get 50 light years out, and there's a signal from 50 light years before they left which we can use to demonstrate the progression of society, and the last signal is going to coincide with something from our time - anyway, it's a cool idea but faster than light travel is so confusing and I keep getting muddled.

TV, uh, I'm not watching much at the moment. How I Met Your Mother has become disgustingly terrible. Fresh Meat is fucking brilliant. That's about all I've got to say. It's my turn to make dinner tonight since I was on the early shift, so I better get on with that.

Still reading everyone's posts, by the way, even if commenting is sparse. <3 to you all.