August 24th, 2014


I never post

I never post, but I read my flist every day. I'm pleased to see new job opportunities, new goals, new hopes & general new good things popping up a lot recently.

For me: I left my wonderful job a week ago. I am in some ways heartbroken, as I have grown more into the person I want to be while in that job and because of that job than in any other period of my life. And met many people who I adore. But - there was a reason and things must change and move forward.

I have a couple of weeks off, now, and then I will be beginning my Masters in Social Work. I want to be able to do more in my field than I would be able to if I had just stayed at the hostel (despite that being comfortable and lovely and the best job in the world), so I an embarking on two years of further training, living on student money, and writing bloody essays again in order to put myself in a position where I can action more change. My target is mental health services, and the degree to which they don't fucking work - one day, I will work in policy, and one day, I will make some change to the bullshit that means people can't get the support they need. It might only be little, and it'll be decades before I achieve it, but it is my goal. My purpose.

I could go on and on about various issues around this - and perhaps I will at some point. The interaction between the state, local government, charitable services, mental health workers and those with a need for mental health support is fascinating in many, many depressing ways. It's a multitude of failures, especially in relation to those living in poverty or otherwise "undesirable" or "undeserving", as much of society views them. I've got a bit of time off, maybe I'll write up some thoughts.

But anyway, yeah, that's the big change in my life coming up. Otherwise, my friends are awesome, my family are doing good, I remain embarrassingly in love with Sam. This is definitely a phase of my life where the focus is career(/purpose). It's exciting in that scary way that usually means you're making a good decision.