kiwi_from_hell (kiwi_from_hell) wrote,

I haven't kept up with Merlin enough to have lots of specifics comments...


Yeah, so I don't really watch Merlin enough to have a lot of criticism or thought-out comment. I just watched the final two episodes. It's started to feel very Lord-of-the-Ringsy in style. Also I wish Merlin fandom had more intense Merlin/Arthur shippers, because man they would've loved that. Anyway, I liked it. It made me cry. I am glad Merlin told Arthur he's magic, and I really thought they handled Arthur's 'coming to terms' with it very well, if with some super-heavy pushing of the LGBTQ metaphor (which don't get me wrong, I like, but I think it's problematic to set magic up as a LGBTQ parallel and then make the show about protecting a kingdom where for the majority of the series magic people get executed).

Anyway. I liked it. I don't watch it enough to have detailed feelings about it, but I'm sad it is over and thought that was pretty well-done.

And, okay, a loved that the series ended with the ruler of Camelot being a woman of colour.

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