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if i had my relationship status on facebook, it would've changed yesterday from "single" to "in a relationship"

as it is, i don't like using that bit of facebook v much & some people in our respective lives need to be told personally, not on a facebook update, so this will have to do.

he has long blonde hair, wears nail varnish & eye-liner, and spends his days drawing detailed diagrams of space-ships. so i'm pretty head over heels about this.

Updatey stuff

So the last time I posted, things were in a significantly bad way. It's been a while and it occurs to me that I should probably clear up how some things are.

So, firstly, uni. Stressful as hell, but I'm coping, and the end is very definitely in sight. Only a few assessments left, thank god. In a few weeks I will have actually completed my course. I don't know what my results are going to be like but if I can keep up the standard I've been at recently (big if, I'm so tired) then it should be pretty good.

Work. I've decided I want to work for a year rather than pursuing any further study right away. Mainly because I can't afford any further study, but also I feel like I'd like to take a break from academic stress and replace it with work stress instead. I feel like the change would be good. There's a couple of job prospects on the horizon that would be really good, but what with the economy going to shit it's going to be pretty difficult.

Personal life. Seeing friends more, which feels great. Electro-swing night last weekend (I got all dressed up, it was awesome), Madeon (electronic music child-prodigy, kid's 17 and amazing) gig in a couple of weeks, various hanging out with people in between. My social life is something I was missing more than I realised, and we've had some really nice nights recently where everyone gets drunk and piles into one bed and watches shitty movies til we fall asleep. Also watched Top Gun with "drink for homo-eroticism", a condition which we basically stopped halfway through when the movie became serious and holy shit, I genuinely like Top Gun.

Relationship stuff. Chris continues to be a dick, refuses to pay money he owes, blah blah blah, it's getting tiresome to keep giving a shit but I do get pretty hung up on the embarrassment of being in a relationship for nearly three years with someone like that.

On more positive relationship stuff, there are good things happening with Sam. We're sort of an open secret among our friends because we've both been put off giving relationships too much sense of seriousness or permanence so we have this lovely no pressure thing going and he's so awesome. I could just babble on because I don't really talk to anyone IRL about this and I have so many happy feelings to splurge, but essentially, long hair, waistcoats, eye-liner, nail varnish, subby. also ~feelings~ etc etc which are very cool and wholesome and i really seem to be happy whenever he's around. but i feel silly talking about feelings so i'll just say the sex is like ridiculous wish fulfillment in terms of kinks and the boy has mad skills.

Need to get off my arse and a) do the dishes b) do some coursework. Some of Sam's work friends are coming over tonight, who I kind of knew a couple of years ago through uni but fell out of touch with, so looking forward to that.

Oh yeah also two new dogs back at my parents house, rescues that have come through my brother's business. One is too badly behaved to rehome in reasonable time, and other is, um, lovely, so we wanted to keep her. She growls when you stroke her, only it's not an angry "go away" kind of growl, she's basically purring. It's adorable.

I hope everyone is well. I barely use LJ any more but I do still read my flists posts.
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